Things to Consider when Choosing Desert Tours from Marrakech

There has been an increased in the number of people who chose guided tours when traveling that Sahara. Guided tours can be very advantageous because they provide a comfortable and fulfilling vacation and ensure the tourists have an enriching desert experience. But there are so many tour plans and vacation packages available in the market and on the internet too that makes it very confusing to choose from. Following are some things you should consider before booking a tour.

Compare the Rates

The easiest way to get the best tour deal is to research and compare the rates of different tour plans. Desert tours from Marrakech tends to be cheaper as compared to desert tours from Fes because Marrakech is nearer to Zagora, a lovely place of sand dunes but there are better sand dunes present in Morocco. While comparing the rates of the tour, you also need to look for the destination of the tour, so that you can get and proper desert experience and your money’s worth.

Consider the Time schedule

You need to properly research the time schedule of the tour before choosing the right one. Most people take Marrakech desert tours 3 days deal as you can easily travel from Marrakech to Merzouga in three days and get the most out of your desert experience. You will be able to see majestic sites along the road as well. However, you can select some other tour plan if your destination is different or if you want to spend more time traveling.

Mode of Travel

While booking a tour for deserts, you need to pay close attention to the mode of travel the agency is offering. Almost all the travel companies will offer Morocco camel tours as camels are the most comfortable and safe mode of transportation in deserts. But in addition to camel trekking, you can use quad bikes as well because they are faster however, you will need to take extra care of the vehicle as it can break down or run out of gas.

The place of your Destination

Merzouga is not the only sand dunes present in the Sahara desert. There are so many other dunes and mountains present in Morocco such as Atlas Mountains but most tour plans only offer to take you to Merzouga. You can compare the destination point of various tour deals and choose the one that suits you the most.