Easy Yet Effective Five Business Ideas For Teenage Entrepreneurs

John Bradberry inspired many individuals with his book six startup success. The result of which has made teens start looking for ideas for starting a business to implement the plans given in the book.

Many entrepreneurs got to know their road to success after reading the book 6 Startup Secret. Now it’s time for the Managing Partner, Entrepreneurial Performance Labs (EPL) to help teens to start a new business and fulfill their entrepreneur dream come true. EPL currently has offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and New York in the USA. Also has their presence in Bangalore, India.

Use These Following Five Business Ideas Along With The Suggestions Given By John Bradberry In His Book To Grow Into Greater Heights.

  1. Senior Citizen Service

According to John Bradberry, many seniors are living alone who need help regarding paying bills, visiting shopping center for buying groceries, etc. Pick up clothes from the dry cleaning services, etc. Even though everything can be done online, but many times they may need help also for online transactions.

Also, offering them help by washing their cars, lawn mowing, and another simple household task. All these assistance provided to elders can be started as a business with a couple of people to support. Even it can be started as an individual business until more customers are identified.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs

For those tech-savvy guys, make use of the technical skills by starting a service center to provide repair work for AC’s, Car, and all the electrical items.

Just make some flyers and keep people informed about the repair center opened. Even mobile servicing can be done for a better start.

  1. Social Media Consulting – John Bradberry’s Way

For sure at the teenage everyone gets fascinated to use the social media sites all through the day. It is an excellent option to use those skills of staying online by just not connecting with friends and commenting. Go one step forward and start offering consultation on any subject. It could be as simple as providing support to solve math problems or as big as helping in any specific business line.

Just informing on the Facebook fan page will get people to connect with.

  1. Website Design Service

Knowledge of HTML will help to start this kind of business. Today not only big B’s have website, but even a coffee store looks for a great site to promote their business. Make use of that need the market and start making websites for every small business and becomes a business by itself.

For the teens who know computer skills hands-on can quickly make money with website designing.

  1. Blog Writing

The last but not the least option is to start writing blogs. For those who do not know how to create websites need not feel inferior to it. Just start writing.

Write an informative or entertaining blog and get paid for the affiliate programs for every click that gets directed to any websites for purchase.

Final Thoughts

Every single success secret mentioned by John Bradberry in his book can offer success to every teen entrepreneur who can start with any of the businesses mentioned with a minimum investment.