Make A Family Trip A Valuable Experience  

As busy adults that work and raise families we occasionally overlook the fact that many events we take for granted – or look upon as necessary evils – may be watershed events in the lives of our children.  For example, a trip with the family is invariably a major learning experience.  The next time you have a chat with friends note when reference is made to events that occurred while traveling with parents.  Such memories contribute mightily to the child’s behavioral development and values. 

In a recent instance, someone described how his parents gave him and his siblings sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut, bought with Groupon promo codes.  They were distributed just when they left on a trip to the mountains.  The parents bought different styles and frames for each, telling them they were being “equipped” for the upcoming adventure.  That “adventure” turned out to be a week in a cabin on the shore of a mountain lake.  The kids’ dream of mountain climbing was rudely dashed, yet the chance to jet-ski, fish and sunbath on the lake more than made up for it.  They also enjoyed white-water canoeing and hiking.  They did have to endure a whole week without television or computer games since the cabin had no electronic services or Wi-Fi.  But they endured that inconvenience easier than their parents, who were all thumbs without their favorite apps.  The kids even teased their mom about having to cook on a wood stove.  Instead of computer games they played cards and board games nightly with their parents, using Groupon coupons as prizes awarded to the winners.  They also played Scrabble and Boggle; games that helped increase their vocabulary and math skills.


After spending every day on the lake front they were as sunburned as they’d have been if they’d gone to a seacoast resort.  Yet they had learned much about each other and enjoyed themselves far more.  Their parents were pleased to see their children doing crossword puzzles and playing games that tested their knowledge.  The trip had been a unique bonding experience.  The person ended his description of that trip by noting that he’d arranged to take his own kids to that same lake this coming summer, and he’d already bought them their personal sunglasses with Groupons from the Sunglass Hut.