Pilgrims of Holy City of Makah and Medina

There is no any other place in the world that hosts as many people in a year as Makah and Medina do every year. Millions of the people from all over the world find out the economy Hajj packages 2017 to visit Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj and Hajj every year. Makah and medina is the most visited places for the Muslim in the world but they are not visited for the fun or entertainment.

These places are visited to perform hajj and Hajj throughout the year. Millions of people can be seen in Makah and Medina during hajj days. Movement of the pilgrims never ended at the end of Hajj. More and more people visit Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj as well. The doors of the two Holy Cities always remain opened for the people outside the Saudi Arabia except the three months.

No foreigner is allowed to visit both of these cities in the prescribed three months. Only locals are allowed to perform Hajj in these months. Keep in the consideration that Tawaf of Kaaba always remain continue and never stop for a single moment except the performance of Namaz. These three months is the time when Saudi Government and Hajj and Hajj authorities take some rest and plan for the next hajj policies.

Services by Saudi Authorities

Saudi Authorities are responsible to make sure the Hajj and Hajj performance should be full of ease and comfort. Their aim is to provide equal services to satisfy the needs of every person visiting Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj and Hajj. Different construction projects are under process by the authorities to make Hajj and Hajj hassle free for every Muslim coming to bow before Almighty Allah. The Saudi Authorities are under severe criticism by the other Muslim countries of the world for the poor arrangements in the Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims. The government is also under the several criticisms for the mismanagement during Hajj in 2015 when hundreds of people died during hajj for the poor arrangements.

The Iran Government also asked Shah Salman to resign from his seat being failed to provide better hajj facilities to the pilgrims in the country. That’s the reason; the authorities are doing their best to make the things better and better to provide better arrangements for the pilgrims in the country. The Saudi Government is also looking to launch train during hajj to handle the transportation issue during hajj. Keep in the consideration that transportation is the big problem for the people during hajj. The local transport is unable to handle the load of millions of people traveling to the country at the same time for the performance of Hajj and Hajj. People find and get the cheapest Hajj packages 2017 from different companies of the world and travel to the Makah and Medina for the performance of Hajj and Hajj. Saudi Arabia is looking to handle this problem on permanent grounds.