Tips to Market Your Thai Restaurants in Vancouver, BC

Thai cuisine has become popular with the

masses. More and more people love Thai curry. But even as the Thai cuisine has improved in popularity, it is difficult for a pad Thai restaurant in Vancouver, BC to set itself apart from other restaurants in the city. If you are worried about your competition, rest easy. This article presents to you compiled research consisting of tips bound to work for your restaurant, and in no time, large numbers of people will be streaming in to have your Thai curry and other delicacies.

Combine both online and in-store specials

You should promote one of the dishes from your pad Thai restaurant in Vancouver, BC on certain days of the week. For instance, you can decide to provide your customers that visit your restaurant on Tuesdays with your sumptuous pad Thai meals. Also, you can have some coupons that only online customers are eligible for. Last but not least, you can include special prices for those customers who order through your website and for a specific period.

Use Your Menu

You should ensure that you have the staple Thai foods ready – the foods you know your customers love and crave. But even as you do this, you should ensure that you throw in the special meals that are not quite common. To help sell these unfamiliar foods, it is good that you include a detailed description of the cuisines on the menu on your website.

Once you think the menu is perfect, work on your website

The information you provide on the website should often be updated. Work to ensure that all the items on your menu, the specials of the week and the restaurant information are accurate. Additionally, the restaurant website should be visible and appeal to your online users. To help improve the attractiveness of the site, use high-quality HD pictures for your dishes and the interior of your restaurant. Speaking of which, for the foods, you should hire a professional food photographer. This will give your food a sumptuous and fresh look.

Last but not least, you should not forget to ensure that the uniqueness of your brand shines through your website.

Start a YouTube Account

Yes, YouTube accounts can also work for your restaurant, as well. Some customers would love to take a closer look at the restaurant you are running through videos that you post. In this account, you can post some behind the scenes videos of the chefs creating some of the special dishes that you offer. You can also provide a tutorial on how to navigate and book a table on your website.

Coupons are a perfect way to increase traffic to your site

For some of your popular Thai cuisine, you should have coupons to act as incentives. The customers will come back later courtesy of these coupons, and you will also add new customers in the process.


In today’s business world, SEO is very important. It is a strategic marketing method that works perfectly to separate your business from the crowd. It ensures that the keywords included on your site relate to your location and restaurant.

When marketing your restaurant, you should be creative. You want people to want to come and taste your cuisine.