With Love, from Bangalore

When I first travelled to Bangalore, I had its “Silicon Valley of India” tag in mind. Getting down at the plush airport, I was already getting a feel of this hi-tech city! On the way to my sister’s home, I was constantly gazing through the car window for signs of the techie city of India. But the environment beyond the airport is quite different. It’s not bad!

Not just a techie’s haven

Whenever I think of Bangalore, the first thing that strikes me is the pleasant weather. People say it gets a little hot in early April and May, but then it is usually accompanied by evening rains which make the weather quite agreeable. Bangalore rains are unpredictable! One minute it would be perfectly sunny, and minutes later it would start raining heavily.

I strongly believe that if you want to know a city well, nothing could be better than interacting with the locals. With my sister living in Bangalore, I have been really fortunate to have this opportunity. People here are really simple, polite and friendly. There are close-knit societies. During my very first short visit, which I found incredibly cheap flights for, I was introduced to a lot of Bangaloreans staying in our building. They’d come up in the evenings for chocolates and coffee! One thing I really liked was their housing systems. Instead of too many large housing towers they have small housing complexes, typically 3-4 storied. The buildings are surrounded by lush greenery, and nothing compares to sipping steaming south Indian filter coffee and experiencing the sight of green outdoors from your room!

I couldn’t be talking about Bangalore without mentioning its food. I hear a lot of people saying, ‘Bangalore? It would be hard to adjust with the food there’. But I completely disagree with this. Bangalore has some of the best restaurants I have been to. And if you are a vegetarian like me, you are in for a treat! You’d find international cuisines on an ‘only vegetarian’ menu! I had never been out for a breakfast at any other place but Bangalore. If I remember rightly, the place is called ‘Shanti Sagar’ and they have some really great vadas and idlis for breakfast. I could be talking endlessly about the amazing food of this city, but the bottom line is when in Bangalore, you need not worry about good food!

In all my Bangalore trips to date it, I haven’t done much sightseeing though. Of course, there are some nice places to see like Tipu’s Summer Palace, The Fort, Cubbon Park and some beautiful temples. Bangalore also has various lakes, and Ulsooor Lake is the one I have been to. The lake is located near MG Road and spreads over an area of 1.5 km. It was constructed during the second half of the 16th Century and is now famous for its boating facilities.

The Bangalore Palace

Bangalore has a good public transport system, especially its air-conditioned bus service that connects various parts of the city to the airport. There is a good network of radio cabs and local busses as well. Language is not a problem as the majority of people would be able to communicate with you in Hindi or English. It is the hub of technology companies in India, but that’s not the only picture of this city in my mind anymore. Bangalore just rejuvenates you!